Cold & Flu Prep

Many people, especially children, are susceptible to colds and flu with the change in weather to chilly nights that start to occur in March. This is a good time to stock up on remedies to boost and strengthen the immune system.  

As soon as the weather starts to change a fortnightly or monthly dose of Anas barb 200c can be beneficial during the cooler months especially for those susceptible to colds and flu. Repeat when in contact with an infected person and at the first sign of symptoms followed by the remedy that fits the ailment.

At the very first hint of a cold, flu, earache or sore throat Aconite is the first remedy to consider; especially if the symptoms have come on rapidly or after exposure to a dry, cold wind. Gelsemium is for classic flu with aches and pains and slow onset of symptoms. Ferrum phos suits the first stage of any inflammatory conditions with mild fever, rosy cheeks and bouts of sneezing. Frequent doses with Aconite or Gelsemium at the first sign of symptoms, or for just feeling ‘off colour’. Think of Kali mur for coughs, stuffy head colds, or sinus infections with white discharges. The tongue is also coated white; white ulcers or thrush may be present in the mouth. This remedy is also for earaches, with congestion in the eustachian tubes so that hearing is affected.

If symptoms develop go to our cough factsheet or consider these remedies. Hard dry cough and pain on coughing Bryonia. Noisy, wheezy coughs with copious mucous which may be difficult to clear Ant tart. Collapse, cold sweat, clammy face and a craving for fresh air and fanning Carbo veg. Euphatorium deep bone pain. Ulceration of mucous membrane, bad breath and offensive sweat Mercurius

Fear, worry and grief: Arsenicum at a different time as it has a tradition of helping with anxiety and adjustment to change. Where there is a lot of worry about family consider Kali carb and for great fear of contagion with a need to withdraw and a sense that they don’t have the support that they need consider Calc carb. Aconite for shock and Ignatia for grief and sadness. 

Factsheets: Download and print or ask for the Colds & Flu, Cold Sores, Coughs & Croup, Fevers, Sinusitis, Sore Throats Factsheets & Remedy Pictures, Remedy Guide or refer to our Homoeopathy for the Home Prescriber book, eBook or Free Info available through our website to select remedies for specific ailments.

Opening Remedy Vials: Watch how it’s done here

Dosage & Administration Of Remedies: Click here for how to and when. As a general rule you should reduce the frequency of doses of a remedy as it starts to act and not continue once the situation has resolved.

Customer Support: Phone or email the Owen dispensary to help select remedies for specific symptoms. 

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