Cough Remedies

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Coughs can occur as accompaniment to cold or flu symptoms or as a persistent chronic state. There are many remedies that may help a cough depending upon the symptoms and close attention to these symptoms is needed to choose well.

Dry Cough
Aconite: dry cough with sudden onset after exposure to dry, cold wind.  Belladonna: dry, barking, repetitive cough  with a flushed face, dislikes being uncovered. Bryonia: difficult breathing, pain on coughing, dry throat, worse moving. Chamomilla: chronic, irritable, dry, tickling cough especially in teething children. Coughs in sleep but does not awaken. Ferrum phos: short, acute, painful cough with no expectoration. Nux vomica: dry, fatiguing cough, worse in the morning. Phosphorus: hard, dry, tight, racking cough. Spongia: dry rasping, barking cough like a seal, wheezing, suffocative.

Spasmodic Cough
Drosera: dry, barking, tickling, wheezing, worse lying down, holds chest while coughing, worse after midnight. Ipecac: incessant, wheezing, choking cough with nausea. Mag phos: paroxysms of loud, noisy coughing relieved by hot drinks. Mercurius: wracking cough at night, sore throat, bad breath, night sweats. Sambucus: sudden, suffocating, inability to exhale. Blocked nose prevents baby feeding.

Mucousy Cough
Ant tart: noisy, rattling, wheezy cough with copious mucous that cannot be expectorated. Nat mur: mucous excessive, clear, watery & salty to taste. Kali mur: hoarse, rattly cough. Mucous thick, white & difficult to expectorate. Hepar sulph: raucous, noisy, rattly cough with yellow green mucous. Splinter like feeling in the throat. Pulsatilla: loose cough with thick bland yellow mucous by day. Cough dry at night.

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