Hayfever, Spring Allergies & Homeopathy

Homoeopathy is great news for sufferers of spring allergies, hayfever and sinus issues. We suggest giving the indicated homoeopathic remedies immediately the symptoms arise or better still just before the onset of “the season”, which means now is the ideal time to prepare for its onset.

Arsenicum: This remedy helps the system cope with adjustments to change; this can be changes in food, water, environment and weather. A daily dose at the first sign of a change to spring weather may help in minimising hayfever symptoms. Couple this with Hayfever complex or the indicated simplex such as Allium or Euphrasia for acute symptoms.

Other useful remedies:
Allium: Spring allergies that begin with sneezing. Burning, smarting eyes with bland tears. Dry rasping cough with tickling and burning in the throat.
Arsenicum: Violent and painful sneezing. Burning eyes and profuse watery, burning discharge.
Euphrasia: Eyes swollen, red and burning with sticky, irritating discharge. Watery nasal discharge.
Gelsemium: Eyes ‘heavy’ and swollen. Violent sneezing with tingling and streaming, irritating discharge. Sore throat and dry cough.
Nat mur: Eyes have a watery, bruised feeling. Violent sneezing, itching and tingling in the nose. Depressed, touchy and wants to be alone.
Nux vomica: Smarting, light sensitive eyes, stuffy nose, itching inner ears. Dry cough that can bring on a bursting headache.

Hayfever complex: The Owen Hayfever complex is enormously popular for acute relief of symptoms. It’s especially useful for people who can’t identify a simplex remedy to suit them and contains remedies such as Allium 6c, Sabadilla 6c, Euphrasia 6c, Pollens 12c and Tissue Salts.

Factsheets: Download and print our Hayfever or Sinus Factsheets, Remedy Pictures, Remedy Guide or refer to our Homoeopathy for the Home Prescriber  book, eBook or free information available through our website to select remedies for specific ailments.

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