Homoeopathy and Kennel Cough

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If your dogs have had the homoeopathic preventive it is very likely that the springtime round of kennel cough will not affect them at all, as the kennel cough nosode is a particularly effective one. 

For those dogs who either have not received any disease prevention, or have been conventionally vaccinated for kennel cough, there is a fair chance of suffering this condition!

It is not a serious disease, just a mild croup-like cough for a few days. The worst of it may be that your dog and maybe your whole family will be kept awake for a night or two by the constant coughing. Occasionally, bronchitis and pneumonia may develop in very young or old dogs, but for most dogs, homoeopathic treatment is very effective.

The Kennel cough 30c nosode itself can be given once or twice, and other useful remedies may be Aconite in the early stages for a rough, loud, barking (pardon the pun) cough, especially at night. Then later, other remedies to consider include Ant tart, Bryonia, Drosera and Spongia based on symptoms.

It is very helpful to give vitamin C powder, about 2000 – 4000mg twice daily for a few days, and a human dose of immune boosting herb such as Echinacea, Andrographis or Reishi/shitaki mushroom. A herbal cough medicine with some warm honey can also help a lot.  

Written in conjunction with Dr Clare Middle who runs a natural therapies only veterinary practice in Balingup. Ph: 0405 009 804, www.claremiddle.com

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