Overwork and Burnout

Overwork or too much emotional pressure can often bring people to the point of complete exhaustion, often known as nervous exhaustion or burnout. All too often people have trouble appreciating the level of emotional strain they are under.

These remedies can help support the nervous system:

Kali phos has a nourishing and tonic effect on the nervous system and can be taken twice daily when under stress. When overworked and burning out, Nux vomica becomes stressed, critical, impatient and oversensitive with sleep problems and a craving for stimulants. Cocculus when exhausted by worry and lack of sleep, nursing loved ones and getting up to sleepless children. There may be a dizzy, empty hollow feeling. Sepia is fed up, worn down and indifferent. Sarcastic, irritable and averse to consolation. They just feel like running away. Silica is prone to headache and exhaustion from overwork with difficulty concentrating and a state of exhaustion, oversensitivity and dread.

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