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Apis mellifica – Honey bee

Indications: Bites and stings such as bee stings with redness, heat and swelling. Also good for hives, nettle rash, allergic eruptions and even for sore throats and cystitis with classic stinging pains and sensation of swelling.

Causation: Anger; jealousy; bad news; bee and other insect stings; allergy

  • Burning, darting, stinging pains
  • Puffy, hot oedematous swelling
  • Very sensitive to touch and heat
  • Very tired but too restless to sleep
  • Fidgety, fussy and hard to please

Better: Cold bath or cold applications; movement; milk

Worse: Heat and warm applications; touch

Desires: Milk; sour; oysters; vinegar

Aversions: Drinks; water