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Arnica montana – Mountain daisy

Indications: An excellent remedy for accidents and injuries with bruising and shock, or simply for feeling ‘as if bruised and beaten’. Use during childbirth and for all surgical and dental procedures to promote rapid repair and healing. Taken 4 hourly during air travel it helps reduce jet lag.

Causation: Injuries; bruises; shock; childbirth; surgery

  • Sore bruised pains and oversensitivity
  • Shock following accident, often says everything is OK when it is not
  • Bruising, concussion, soft tissue damage
  • Feels ‘bruised and beaten’ after physical exertion
  • Helps reduce jet lag
  • Insomnia, the bed feels too hard

Better:            Lying down with the head low

Worse:            Slightest touch; eating; wine

Desires:          Whisky; sour things

Aversions:     Food; meat; milk; smoking