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Carbo vegetablis – Vegetable charcoal

Indications: Weakness, fainting and collapse with a desire for fresh air and fanning. Cold sweats and a cold clammy face. Affects the digestive system and is good for bloating, wind and digestive problems especially when digestion is slow, appetite absent after illness or surgery. It is called the ‘corpse restorer’ as its use can be dramatic in collapse.

Causation: Exhausting illness; depletion from diarrhoea or vomiting; rich food

  • Internal burning pains
  • Severe bloating, wind and burping
  • Collapse, cold sweat and a clammy face
  • Weakness, desire for air and bluish lips
  • Digestive weakness after medical procedures, drugs, illness or fasting
  • Food poisoning from shellfish

Better:               Fanning and cool, fresh air; burping; loosening clothing

Worse:              Shellfish; fats; alcohol; heat; being covered

Desires:            Coffee; acid food; sweets; salty things

Aversions:        Fatty food; meat; meat fat; milk; salt food