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Colocynthis – Bitter cucumber

Indications: Abdominal pain, violent and spasmodic. Pains come in waves.

Better for hard pressure and bending double. The pains can be digestive,

uterine or renal and may cause vomiting. Vertigo and fainting with the pains.

Extremely irritable and impatient when in pain, wants to be left alone.

Causation: Symptoms may come on after anger, grief or resentment

  • Pains tearing, violent and spasmodic
  • Abdominal cramping with flatulent distention
  • Pain and cramping during menses or ovulation
  • Kidney or bladder ailments with severe cramping pain
  • Angry, irritable screaming and writhing in pain
  • Bitter taste and sore red tongue

Better: Firm pressure; doubling up; heat; passing stool or wind

Worse: Food and drink; rest; anger or irritability

Desires: Beer; bread; cold food; thirstless or constant desire to drink

Aversions: All foods; water