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Gelsemium sempervirens – Yellow jasmin

Indications: Classic flu with aches and pains. Droopy, drowsy and feeling

heavy and listless. Ailments may come on after bad news or a sudden fright.

Good for fear, stage fright and nervous anxiety – anticipates even the simplest tasks

with nervousness and worry. May need frequent repetition prior to an event.

Causation: Fear; fright; dread; bad news; sun; humid weather; cold damp conditions

  • • Bursting, pulsating pains
  • • Slow onset of symptoms
  • • Flu with classic chills, shivering, aches and pains
  • • Droopy, drowsy, heavy and listless
  • • Headaches after too much sun
  • • Anticipatory anxiety, such as exams and interviews
  • • Diarrhoea when nervous or fearful

Better: Open air; sweating; movement; after and during urination.

Worse: Heat; warmth; humid or damp weather; tobacco smoke; emotional upsets; 10am.

Desires: Alcohol

Aversions: Tobacco