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Ruta graveolens – Rue

Indications: Sprains and strains of knees, wrists and ankles, contusion of the bone, similar to Arnica. Stiffness and pain in the joints and limbs with bruised weakness and weariness. Sciatica. Limbs feel restless and uneasy. Eye strain and eye fatigue with redness, blurred vision, heat and burning. Helps healing after blows and fractures, surgery to bony areas and dental surgery.

Causation: Overexertion; eyestrain; strained tendons and ligaments; surgery

  • Gnawing, digging burning pains
  • Soreness of parts lain upon
  • Injuries to bones, tendons, cartilage
  • Sprains and strains
  • Bone pain and dental work
  • Tennis elbow and bursitis
  • Eye strain from over use

Better:        Lying on the back; warmth; motion

Worse:       Overexertion; touch; cold wet weather; meat; milk; raw food

Desires:     Very thirsty for cold water; juicy things

Aversions: Food after eating a little; meat; vegetables