Animals Home Remedy Kit

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This kit contains a comprehensive range of remedies which have traditionally been used in a variety of situations such as accidents, injuries, digestive upsets, cystitis and many other common ailments.

Aconite 6c: First remedy in the early stages of colds and chills, stomach upsets, diarrhoea or any acute inflammatory process. Shock and reactions to excitement, fear or fright. Scald with acute pain and shock, eye injuries.

Arnica 30c: First remedy to think of in any accident, shock, fright, physical trauma, bruising, concussion, haemorrhage. Feeling sore and bruised and doesn’t want to be touched. Use 1-2 doses before and several doses after any surgery, with Hypericum.

Arsenicum 6c: Diarrhoea and vomiting, “as if poisoned”, weak exhausted and fearful – as if they are going to die. Restless, chilly and anxious. Second stage of colds with profuse nasal discharge.

Cantharis 6c: Burns and blisters with intense pain. Sunburn with burning and large blisters containing clear or bloody fluid. Cystitis.

Cocculus 6c: Travel sickness – give 1/4 hourly to hourly, starting 1-2 hours before travel, depending upon severity. If the reaction is usually very severe give 2-3 doses the day before travel.

Ferrum phos 6c: For the inflammatory process, in combination with Aconite. Also useful when generally “off colour” with no characteristic symptoms. Ailments from exposure or loss of bodily fluids.

Gelsemium 6c: Anticipatory anxiety, may need repeating 4 hourly. Also for slow onset of flu symptoms with aches and pains. Listless, heavy and drowsy.

Hepar sulph 6c: Easy in infection; infected cracks in the skin, boils and ulcers, abscesses (use Arnica and Ledum or Hypericum at the first sign of fight injuries, follow with Hepar sulph if pus develops). Ear pain, wants ear covered and warm. Angry and sensitive to pain. Loose, noisy, croupy coughs.

Hypericum 6c: Nerve damage – jammed paws or tail, puncture wounds, splinters, cuts, bites and stings with shooting pains. Give regularly in wounds that threaten infection (a dose every few hours).

Ignatia 6c: Grief, shock, sadness, emotional loss or hysteria. Sleeping and eating patterns may be affected. Sighing, trembling. Homesickness.

Ipecac 6c: Nausea and vomiting. May have excessive salivation. Travel sickness, gastric upsets or rattly, congested coughs. Profuse haemorrhages.

Ledum 6c: Puncture wounds bites, stings, sprains and strains. Use several doses after puncture wounds for Tetanus protection. Resolves bruises after Arnica.

Phosphorus 6c: Coughs of all kinds, vomiting, haemorrhages. Fears the dark, sudden noises, twilight etc and craves company. Very thirsty.

Pulex 12c: Use twice daily when fleas are a problem gradually reduce to 2-3 times weekly. Pulex reduces reaction & vulnerability to flea bites.

Pulsatilla 6c: Colds with yellow green mucous, earaches from congestion. Hormonal problems. Tummy upsets from rich food. Clingy, desires consolation. Can be jealous of family members.

Emergency Drops: Bach Flower remedies for emergencies, accidents or when comfort, control, reassurance or confidence is needed. 4 drops as necessary internally or externally.

Always read the label and follow directions for use. Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using these remedies.  If symptoms persist consult your health care professional promptly.

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