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Staphysagria may be beneficial for ill effects of anger and humiliation. The patient is very sensitive to harsh words. The remedy may improve boundaries and reduce sensitivity physically and emotionally. Staphysagria may be beneficial after abdominal surgery.

Always read the label and follow directions for use. Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy.  If symptoms persist consult your health care professional promptly.


Delphinium Staphysagria / Stavesacre

Remedy picture as described in traditional homoeopathic texts.

Staphysagria assists with various ailments of the genito-urinary tract, skin, teeth and eyelids.  Staphysagria may be considered following surgery of the pelvic area, where pain persists.  It may also assist emotional irritability and angst resulting from anger or shame.  Expressions of anger may alternate between suppression (to appease others) and passionate outbursts.

Mental/Emotional symptoms

Nervous complaints characterised by irritability, resulting from suppressed anger.  A great sensitivity to other people’s comments.  Self-confidence is not especially robust.  Feels much worse after being criticised or punished.  May lose their temper passionately and violently, with an impulse to throw things.  The trigger to these outbursts may seem trivial to the observer.  Can be gloomy, sad, preferring solitude.  Imagines insults and illness.  There may be a history of humiliation, guilt and shame, sexual abuse, excess or disturbance.  The mind may dwell too much on sexual ideas.

Physical symptoms

Very sensitive to words, touch, odours, noise and taste.

Pains feel stinging, as if cut, or a squeezing, vice-like pain.

Whole body can feel sore and weak.

Children:  Prone to temper tantrums, with screaming and throwing objects.  Teething and tooth decay may be a significant issue, with sensitive and painful gums.  May be pot-bellied.

Head:  Compressive headache, which feels like the brain is being squeezed.  ‘Milk crusts’ on babies scalps, especially around the back of the head.  Hair fall, especially around ears and the back of the head.  Itchy eruptions above and behind the ears.  Persistent head lice.

Throat:  Swollen tonsils, with sharp pains up to the ear when swallowing.  Swallows often while talking.

Teeth:  Pain and nervousness following tooth extraction.  Tooth decay, with crumbling or dark streaks.  Teeth may turn black.  Toothache during menses, worse from touch, cold air or drinks, and worse after eating.

Eyes:  Recurrent styes.  Wounds of the cornea.  Painless cysts of the eyelid.  Inflamed and itchy eyelids or eyes that feel dry and itchy.  Bursting or burning pain with hot tears.  Eyes may look sunken.

Stomach:  Nausea and dizziness of sea-sickness or pregnancy.  Strong hunger, even when full.

Abdomen:  Colic following an outburst of anger.  Severe pain following surgery.  Vomiting colic or dysentery, worse for any amount of food or drink.  Flatulence and bloating.

Back:  Backache worse in the morning, before getting out of bed.  Lower back pain, worse from sex or when rising from a seat.

Skin:  Warts, including genital warts.  Scaly eruptions over joints.  Eczema of the head, ears, face and body, forming thick scabs that are dry and itchy.  Inflammation of the fingers and toes.  Night sweats.  Pain preceding shingles.  Skin symptoms alternating with joint pain.  Inability to perspire, or sweat that smells like sulphur, rotten eggs.  Sensation of itching or biting that changes location when scratched.

Female:  Pain following caesarean or hysterectomy.  Painfully sensitive or itchy genital organs, making sex painful.  Honeymoon cystitis.  Suited to women who suffer mentally or physically from sex, including young brides or victims of abuse.  Amenorrhea (loss of menstruation) following anger or indignation.  Uterine prolapse with a sinking feeling in the abdomen and an aching around the hips.  Pain in ovaries, worse for sex or pressure, with pain travelling to the thighs.

Bladder:  Irritable bladder and a frequent urge to urinate, with ineffective urging or scanty urine.  Sometimes urination is profuse.  Common in newly wed women, or those with first sexual contact.  Burning sensation in the urethra, both during and separate to urination, and a sense that urination is incomplete

Extremities:  Stiffness and fatigue of joints.  Arthritic swelling and growth of nodes on the joints, especially the fingers and toes.  Exostosis.  Pressing or stinging pains of the periosteum, the tissue next to the bone.

Vertigo:  Nausea of seasickness or pregnancy.  Dizziness, especially after operations.  Vertigo that feels better after walking in circles or turning rapidly.

Food:  Craves bread, milk, stimulants.  Feels hungry even when full.  Feels sleepy after eating.


  • Sensitive, Suppressed, Resentful, Burning, Prickling.
  • Stinging shooting pains.

Exciting causes

  • Insult, anger


Better:        For warmth, after breakfast, from rest, from sex.

Worse:        From anger, indignation or grief, from sex or masturbation, from touch.

Desires:      Tobacco, bread, milk, stimulants.

Repetition of the dose:  As a general rule you should reduce the frequency of doses of a remedy as it starts to act and not continue once the situation has resolved.

Compare to: Colocynthus (colic), Chamomilla (irritability), Causticum (cystitis), Ignatia, Nux vomica, Calc phos.


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