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In this article I am going to share with you an insight from homoeopath Alize Timmerman. Alize is from the Netherlands and came to Perth in 2007 to present a seminar for Perth homoeopaths.

During the course of the seminar Alize talked about 5 remedies that she uses regularly for children in her practice as Well Child Remedies. The principle being that they support children while they are growing and help build up and strengthen the developing body, mind and spirit. Alize suggested intermittent doses of these remedies during growing phases and I usually use them in a 30c potency and have found them to be a very useful protocol for some children.
Calc carb: Encourages the proper assimilation of calcium improving metabolism and digestion. Calcium gives form and stability. It is great to strengthen the basis on which to build a healthy body.
Natrum mur: Helps the child develop a mature emotional response to sadness, resentments and grief. Like a tonic for the emotions, it helps the child to express rather than suppress difficult emotions. As Alize says it helps us to handle the suffering in life.
Alumina: Remedy for confusion about identity, confusion of the mind, a confusion of thoughts and ideas. It helps to form and strengthen the sense of identity and the will power. Improves judgment. It helps the boundaries to form between the child and others and helps them become grounded.
Silica: Gives our body form and grit, stability for the bones and firm connective tissue. Silica energy gives form to the body and improves stamina. It helps to organise so that energies can go in and out, what do we keep in and what do we let through. Gives ‘image’ to the body.
Graphites: Helps the child not to be irresolute, improves self-esteem and reduces self-doubt and the tendency to vacillate over every decision. Gives them a sense that what they are and who they are is good. Sharpens the thinking.  

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