Growing up is a challenging business, not only are little people dealing with the internal changes associated with rapid growth and calcium metabolism they are also trying to gain independence, master skills and learn to become sociable – both emotionally and intellectually.

Teething and temper tantrums, while not easy to deal with, are a normal part of growing up. Toddlers thrive on structure, discipline and a calm, understanding and consistent approach; it gives them a feeling of security that at least someone on the outside has a level of control.

Homoeopathics teamed with thoughtful parenting can help you maintain balance through tricky times. Use the symptoms as a guide to choose suitable remedies and consider making a few simple adjustments to accommodate the changes.

Teething babies are often fussy and miserable – their gums hurt, and they make sure that anyone that’s nearby knows it! What you are often seeing in these children is the indication for two remedies. There is the acute level that shows as fevers, pain, swelling, rashes and angry behaviour. This calls for remedies such as Belladonna and Chamomilla.

And then there is the deeper level where calcium metabolism is stretched and remedies such as Calc carb, Calc phos, Silica are important to support the growth especially if you notice there are recurring acute episodes despite well chosen acute remedies.

Belladonna is excellent for babies who are feverish and in pain; angry, irritable, feverish and flushed. They can scream in pain, bite their hands anxiously, and cry the entire time that they teethe.

Calc carb is a great children’s remedy that supports growth and calcium metabolism and is especially indicated when teething is quite slow and distressing. Babies who need this remedy tend to be chubby, slow to learn to crawl or walk, and their heads often sweat during naps or sleep at night. They can become very stubborn, prone to tantrums, have many fears and suffer nightmares, especially of monsters.

Calc phos suits teething troubles with poor appetite and a whinging, whining discontent. Craving for salty foods like chips. They are tired, thin, glandular and growing; it improves the absorption of nutrients and has a tonic effect at times of rapid growth.

Chamomilla for inflamed gums, excessive dribbling, and a desire to put fingers in the mouth and chew and gnaw while nursing. Commonly, one cheek is hot and red while the other is pale. They can have a very loose stool and greenish diarrhoea. This is an angry, irritable child who screams and hits, they have no idea what they want. Worse at night; the only relief they experience comes when they are being carried about or gently rocked.

Pulsatilla is especially good for teething babies who are clingy, weepy and crave mum’s attention. They can’t bear to let you out of their sight.

Silica suits delicate children made tired, nervous and stubborn by slow, difficult teething. Teeth either won’t break through at all or they come through the gum line and then recede. Low resistance to colds.

Sulphur when baby has a reddish irritation or rash on the chin or nappy area during teething episodes. Irritable, anxious, and worse from being warm.

Plus a large dose of sense of humor for the rest of the family and some Cocculus if you’re suffering the effects of broken sleep.

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