Homoeopathy and PMS

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PMS symptoms usually occur in the week preceding menstruation and as we know they can be debilitating and difficult to manage for many women. As well as using the indicated remedy that matches your symptoms it can be helpful to modify the diet by reducing or eliminating dairy, caffeine and red meat and consider supplements such as B6, B12, C, E, Selenium & Magnesium which is required by the liver to break down extra and inactive oestrogen. Craving chocolate may reveal a magnesium deficiency and supplementing this important mineral can help reduce stress and menstrual cramping.

Belladonna: Irritable and moody. Headache with throbbing pain and a feeling of pressure on top of the head. Severe premenstrual pain with sudden onset. Flushed face and burning sensations are common.
Calc carb: PMS with fluid retention and breast tenderness. Fatigued, anxious and overwhelmed. Craving sweets and eggs.
Chamomilla: Extremely irritable, rude and angry. Can’t be pleased by anything. Oversensitive.
Lachesis: Worse for tight clothing, better when flow starts. Restless and very talkative.
Lycopodium: PMS with despair, low self esteem and abdominal bloating.
Nat mur: PMS with fluid retention, sadness, irritability, wants to be alone. May crave salty food.
Nux vomica: Irritable and quarrelsome. Craves sweet or fatty food, constipation, very irritable, in a rush about everything.
Pulsatilla: Changeable, moody and weepy. Tearful & moody, craves company & affection, better outdoors.
Sepia: The most commonly used remedy. Breast tenderness, fatigue, irritability, sarcasm, angry outbursts and indifference to loved ones, wants to be left alone. Feels heavy and dragged down. Low libido.
Sulphur: Strong craving for sweets. Constipation prior to menses. Itchy discharge. Worse from overheating. Weakness and can be prone to fainting.

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