Insomnia Complex includes Coffea & Passiflora

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The Insomnia Complex is a combination of homoeopathic remedies used traditionally for symptoms associated with  irregular sleep patterns.  This complex includes the following remedies: Capsicum 6c, Chamomilla 6c, Coffea 6c, Ferrum Phos 6x, Gelsemium 6c, Hyoscyamus 6c, Passiflora 6c, Kali phos 6x and Mag phos 6x.

This remedy can be repeated a few times daily and may need to be continued for several days before the problem is fully resolved.  Take the doses in the evening, then before bed and during the night if necessary.  If there is no change at all after several days then consult your homoeopathic home prescribing book to select a more suitable remedy.

Always read the label.  Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy. If symptoms persist consult your health care professional promptly.

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