Teenagers Kit includes Kali phos, Lycopodium and Pulsatilla

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The ideal kit for the young adult to carry in their school bag, backpack or keep in their bedside drawer.

Gelsemium 30c  This remedy may support physical and mental symptoms associated with exhaustion from overwork or anxiety. The individual may be feeling dull, apathetic, withdrawn with inability to think. Other symptoms related to overwork such as headaches with drowsiness, or diarrhoea and fitful sleep may also benefit from administration of this remedy.

Hepar Sulph 6c  Symptoms of painful red pimples, cold sores or ulcers (possibly with yellow pus) where the individual is highly sensitive, touchy and irritable may be supported with administration of this remedy.

Ignatia 6c   May help symptoms associated with grief, shock, emotional strain, worry or guilt. Situations such as disappointment in love, homesickness where sleeping and eating affected may also benefit from this remedy.

Kali Phos 6c Has been used traditionally as a nerve tonic indicated for  mental and physical fatigue, exhaustion from excitement, overwork or worry. Fatigue headaches, humming in the ears and weak sight may also be present.

Lycopodium 30c  Teenagers experiencing anxiety around exams with fear of failure, irritability, sarcasm and digestive uneasiness such as ‘butterflies’, diarrhoea and wind may be supported with administration of this remedy. Headaches from not eating may also be present.

Nux Vomica 30c  Symptoms associated with over indulgence and reliance on stimulants (coffee, sugar, cigarettes, alcohol), with insomnia may benefit from this remedy. The individual may present as touchy, hostile, anxious and may pick quarrels.

Pulsatilla 6c  This remedy may be supportive for teenagers feeling shy and weepy, better for sympathy, company and open air. Symptoms associated with PMT with moodiness, menstrual irregularity and discomfort may also benefit.

Always read the label.  Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using these remedies.  If symptoms persist consult your health care professional promptly.

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