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Women’s health and hormonal balance are intertwined, and we can be affected by hormone imbalance with fluctuating hormones resulting in many unsettling mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Many homoeopathic remedies embrace these symptoms and, so long as the general picture fits, can help the body restore balance and equilibrium.


A few of the most common are listed here:-

Calc phosSuits young people who are developing and growing very quickly and are trying to become independent. Bored, restless and keen to make new friends and the start of a life away from home. Often tall, lean and anaemic. Menstrual irregularity.
ColocynthisThis remedy relieves intense abdominal and menstrual cramps that come in waves and cause us to bend double for any relief. Cramps may also be improved by strong pressure and heat.

Nat mur: Periods may become scanty and the woman can feel cross, resentful, trapped and irritable. Vaginal dryness, fluid retention and a tendency to prolapse are common. Sexual intercourse may be uncomfortable with diminished desire. Frequent headaches and cold sores.

Nux vomicaIrritable, impatient and fault finding. Stressed and annoyed by hormonal symptoms as they are just distractions from work or other tasks. Overexcited and on edge after excesses of any kind. Cramping spasmodic pain, constipation and digestive symptoms. Insomnia.

PulsatillaChangeable symptoms, worse from heat, flushes, mood swings, weepiness, self-doubt, low confidence, poor concentration. Feel unsupported, need lots of company, attention and encouragement. Commonly needed at times of change; puberty, pregnancy, after birth for ‘baby blues’, and in menopause. Periods are usually late and light and there may be fainting, headache and back pain. Nausea and vomiting may accompany the cutting, tearing pains during menses. Worse in a stuffy room and better in the fresh air.

Sepia: This is a woman who likes to be independent, they try to keep the family happy and at the same time pursue their career. This can become ‘too much’ and they become miserable and worn out with irritability, anger and indifference towards the family and a desire to be left alone. May be hostile and uninterested in or averse to sex. A tendency to hormonal headaches, lower back pain, constipation, PMS with nausea and a dragging sensation as if the insides will fall out, heavy bleeding, hot flushes, fainting and anxiety.

SulphurThese women have an active mind and vivid imagination. If frustrated they can become overheated, itchy and restless. Hot generally, especially the hands and feet which may be burning and have to be put out of bed. Flushes with burning heat. Frequent waking.

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