Anal Glands

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If you are a dog owner you have most likely had some experience of anal gland problems with your pet; usually a very itchy tail end causing the dog to be upset, scratching around their bottom and generally miserable and uncomfortable.

The main ‘take – home’ message here is that there are some ailments that homoeopathy simply can’t fix. Remedies can help in the short term but usually some help is needed from the vet to empty the glands and then consideration given to the animals’ activity and diet.

Part of the trouble these days is that most family pets don’t have a great need to mark and defend their territory by squirting the pungent contents of their anal glands, so they can become blocked, inflamed and need emptying.

However, over the long term, I find animals are less likely to require anal glands to be unblocked, or to get infected, necessitating surgical removal, if they are fed a natural diet with plenty of vegetables (for the fiber, to help empty the glands during defaecation). You can use homoeopathics such as Silica, Calc sulph or Hepar sulph for infected glands where appropriate.

Written in conjunction with Dr Clare Middle who runs a natural therapies only veterinary practice in Bibra Lake. Ph: 08 9494 1243,

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