Animals – Abscess and Skin Infections 

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A localised collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue is known as an abscess and can be caused by trauma or bacteria that invade the skin. This usually happens if a wound was left untreated and has become infected. Symptoms include pain and swelling, redness, warmth and pus.  

Apis or Belladonna: heat, swelling, cellulitis and pain. Bright red is Belladonna or puffy and rosy Apis.

Hepar sulph: For infected wounds when the cat is aggressive and sensitive to touch, use 6c to encourage drainage of pus. The pus may be foul smelling.

Lachesis: The surrounding area is bluish or purplish and there may be a cluster of smaller boils around the main one.

Ledum: the ‘morning after pill’ for cat fights! For cleansing and healing the initial puncture wound.

Mercurius: Slow developing abscess with thin, yellow-green foul smelling pus. 

Pulsatilla: For infected wounds in clingy/sooky animals who will let you treat the wound.

Silica: For slow healing wounds, chronic infections, abscesses and draining fistulas. It encourages the drainage of pus. 

Treat wounds externally with calendula tincture or salt water. The fluid of an abscess must be drained or no blood will flow to the skin and you will end up with a hole in the animal! If there is a scab, this can be pulled off to allow drainage.

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Written in conjunction with Dr Clare Middle who runs a natural therapies only veterinary practice in Balingup. Ph: 0405 009