Men’s Health

It’s well known that men’s health and lifestyle problems are often overlooked. However your remedies can often address health conditions common to men, including physical aches, pains & injuries, digestive issues, emotional ups and downs, poor sleep and reproductive health.

On an emotional level, stress, performance anxiety, overwork and burnout can be addressed by remedies such as Nux vomica which suits men who tend to overwork and overindulge making them impatient and irritable, with sleeplessness and digestive symptoms. They desire rich food, stimulants and alcohol which further aggravate symptoms. At this time these following remedies could also be very useful. Ignatia and Nat mur are very useful for grief and emotional stress or consider Aurum met if there is a feeling of despair and failure due to job and business losses. If there is a loss of confidence which can show up as being bossy at home but overwhelmed and lacking confidence otherwise Lycopodium. If feeling worn down, fed up, irritable, sarcastic and just wanting to run away Sepia. See the Emotional Safety Net blog for further remedy information. 

Physical ailments include the effects of gout and an over-acid system, indigestion and heartburn, haemorrhoids and insomnia. Once again Nux vomica is one of the main remedies to consider in addressing these symptoms, however other considerations include Sulphur for symptoms aggravated by bathing, constipation and at night from the warmth of the bed.  Lycopodium for bloating, indigestion and heartburn felt after eating only small amounts of food, symptoms worse between 4pm and 8pm.

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