Mini Kit includes Aconite, Arnica, Arsenicum and Ledum

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A selection of remedies that have been traditionally used to help with symptoms of minor ailments such as accidents and the associated shock, bites and stings, colds and tummy upsets.

Aconite 30c  May be useful for the early stages of colds, stomach upsets, diarrhoea or any acute inflammatory process. May assist in the management of an individual experiencing shock, excitement or fright. Symptoms associated with scalds, cuts and wounds that bleed may also be improved with the use of this remedy.

Arnica 30c  Symptoms associated with accidents, shock, fright, mental strain, physical trauma, bruising, concussion, black eyes, haemorrhage may be improved with this remedy.  The individual may feel “as if sore and bruised”, and not wanting to be touched.

Arsenicum 6c  May assist in the management of feeling “as if poisoned”, as well as associated symptoms such as weakness, exhaustion, fear, restlessness, anxiety and burning pains. May also be useful for supporting the body during the second stage of colds with nasal discharge.

Gelsemium 30c  May assist in the management of anticipatory anxiety, withdrawn, trembling, fearful, may have diarrhoea. May also assist in the management of symptoms which develop slowly –  aches and pains flu, feeling  heavy, drowsy, listless.

Hypericum 6c  May promote healing of injuries involving nerves – jammed fingers or toes, minor puncture wounds, splinters, cuts, bites with shooting pains.

Ledum 6c  May assist in the management of symptoms associated with minor puncture wounds – bites, stings, needle stick injuries, sprains and strains. Associated symptoms may include chilly, painful, stiff areas that feel better for cool bathing or compresses.

Rhus Tox 6c  Symptoms associated with over-exertion, strain, stiffness and rheumatism  may be improved with this remedy; the symptoms may be worse from first movement, then improve. This remedy may also assist in the management of symptoms associated with shingles, cold sores, intensely itchy rashes.

Always read the label that have traditionally been used for.  Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using these remedies. If symptoms persist consult your health care professional promptly.

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