Trekking Kit includes Aconite, Camphor, Glonoine and Rhus tox

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This is the ideal kit to carry in your back pack when off on a trekking adventure. It contains:

Aconite 30c  Traditionally used for the symptoms experienced in the early stages of colds, stomach upsets, diarrhoea or any acute inflammatory process. May also be indicated in supporting symptoms of shock, excitement or fright. Scalds, eye injuries and wounds may also benefit from administration of this remedy.

Arnica 30c  Has been used traditionally for symptoms of shock, fright, mental strain, and physical trauma,  feeling “as if sore and bruised”; don’t want to be touched and say they are okay.

Arsenicum 6c  May be useful in supporting an individual feeling “as if poisoned” with weakness, exhaustion, fearful, anxious, restless and chilly. May also be helpful when used in the second stage of colds that present with profuse nasal discharge.

Camphor 30c  Has been used traditionally for symptoms associated with collapse where individual feels icy cold but does not want to be covered; numbness, tingling; breath and tongue may also be cold. Colds with chilliness and sneezing.

Cantharis 6c  May be used for the symptoms associated with burns (including sunburn) that present with large blisters and intense pain. This remedy may also assist in the management of cold sores and cystitis with burning.

Glonoine 30c May assist in the management of throbbing headaches from sun or heat, pounding headaches; and/or feelings of confusion and dizziness.

Rhus Tox 30c  Has been traditionally used for painful stiffness especially around joints from overstrain or getting wet while hot. Restless and better for movement.

Always read the label. Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using these remedies.  If symptoms persist consult your heatlh care professional promptly.

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