Natural Prescription Diets for Dogs & Cats by Dr.Clare Middle

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The author, Clare Middle, is an experienced veterinarian who has treated many thousands of dogs and cats in Perth, WA. For over 30 years, Dr Middle has been using acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs and natural diet to treat dogs and cats not helped by usual veterinary treatments.

Dr, Middle’s first book, Real Food for dogs and Cats – A practical guide to feeding your pets a balanced, natural diet, was published in 2008 and has sold over 10,000 copies.

Now you can read her second book – Natural Prescription Diets for Dogs and Cats, to learn how to feed unwell pets. Dr Middle, as well as being a qualified veterinarian, has a certificate in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Food Therapy from the Chi Institute, USA and has applied theory, together with recent science, to produce easy recipes which are balanced to NRC Dog and Cat Nutrition guidelines to help heal your unwell pet or to prevent future relapse of disease.