Respiratory Remedies 

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Now is a good time to stock up on remedies to help deal with ‘viruses’ and to boost and strengthen the immune system.   
To help support the immune system we recommend a fortnightly or monthly dose of Anas barb 200c especially for those susceptible to colds and flu viruses. Repeat when in contact with an infected person and at the first sign of symptoms followed by the remedy that fits the ailment. Below are some remedies to consider. Print and keep a copy with your remedy supplies. 
Aconite – give immediately at first sign of symptoms along with Ferrum phos.  Aconite is indicated for sudden illness, high fever and restlessness, sore throat, hoarse dry cough. Oppressed breathing, worse for motion. Feeling of pressure on lungs. Shortness of breath. Lungs feel hot. Cough worse at night and after midnight. There may be fear and anxiety or panic, fearing death. 

Ant tart – loose rattling unproductive cough, wheezing. Chest full of mucus. ‘as if drowning’ in phlegm. Suffocating shortness of breath.  Must sit up. Hoarse. Drowsy. Anxious, clingy.

Arsenicum – sore throat, running nose, breathless, tight chest. Suffocating catarrh, frothy or blood flecked expectoration. Shortness of breath, must sit up. Whistling breath. Chilly, anxious. Diarrhoea or vomiting. Weak. Worse around midnight. Mind is anxious, worried about one’s own health, despairing of recovery.

Bryonia – cough that is dry hard and painful, must sit up, can’t breathe deeply, holds chest when coughing, with stitching pain. Cough worse after eating or drinking. Sputum may be blood streaked. Dry lips and throat, bitter taste. Very thirsty. Mind irritable and despairing.

Ferrum phos a tissue salt for the early stage of the inflammatory process. Even just the first sign of feeling off colour before symptoms appear. Use on its own or alongside other indicated remedies.

Gelsemium – slow gradual onset. Weak and lethargic, trembling. Brain fog. Heaviness. Dull headache, shivering. Aches and pains. Dry cough with sore chest, slow and laboured breathing. Apathetic, droopy, dull, dizzy.

Hepar sulph – loose cough, bloody or thick yellow tenacious sputum. Breathing difficult, worse for lying down. Loses voice and coughs when exposed to cold dry air. Dry, hoarse cough, worse for walking or exposing any part of the body to cold, or eating cold food. Loose rattling cough, worse morning. Suffocating cough, better for sitting up. Stitching, stabbing, splinter like pains especially in the throat. Mind may be dejected, irritated.

Lycopodium – craves air, short rattling breath, dry tickling cough. Expectorations grey, thick, bloody, green-yellow, offensive. Melancholic, desires company. Irritable.

Mercurius – profuse sweating, offensive breath, swollen glands, sore throat, alternating hot and cold. Worse at night.

Phosphorus – inflammation of the lungs, dry fever, sense of constriction. Hard, dry racking, deep cough, worse from talking, laughing or cold air. Congestion of lungs. Whole body trembles with cough. Rust coloured, frothy, salty or sour sputum. Hoarse voice. Burning sensations. Over sensitive to light. Thirsty. Wants sympathy, anxious.

Phos acid – complete exhaustion, weak, apathetic and indifferent. Can’t collect your words. Poor memory. Disposition to lie down. Mild, yielding and resigned. May crave fruit and juice, refreshing things.

Phytolacca – extremely dry mouth. Irritability. Throat dark red or bluish red. Tonsillitis. Can’t swallow anything hot. Tip of the tongue may be red and painful with bumps on it.  
Please use these remedies in conjunction with common sense. If you are unusually short of breath, or have unmanageable symptoms please get medical help asap.  

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