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A fever is usually an indication of increased activity on the part of the immune system, most likely in response to infection and is a good sign showing that there is an ability to react. The action of the homoeopathic remedy is not to kill the bacteria directly but rather to stimulate the immune system to do the healing. If … Continued

Sinus Congestion

As we head into mid winter, recurrent colds and sniffles can often develop into painful sinus congestion. Homoeopathy can be great if you are suffering the effects of sinus congestion that’s common during the last stage of a cold. Consider … Continued

Hayfever, Allergies and Homoeopathy

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Homoeopathy treats allergies by stimulating and strengthening the organism to address the hypersensitivity that causes such a dramatic inflammatory response. The result is greater resilience and an ability to withstand a wide variety of environments by responding appropriately in each … Continued