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Tissue Salts were so named by Dr Schuessler who stated that the human body contains twelve vital mineral (tissue) salts and a proper balance of these salts is required for normal cell function.

Several of these tissue salts are included in the Owen homoeopathics range in 6c potency and may be useful in the following scenarios.

Calc phos: Deficiency causes defective nutrition. Symptoms associated with teething, poor appetite, leg cramps. Stomach pains and headaches in children who may also be tired, thin, whiny, discontented and often crave salty foods. It is believed to have a tonic effect at times of rapid growth and improve the absorption of nutrients.
Ferrum phos: This is the oxygen carrier and is useful in the early stages of the inflammatory process and when generally ‘off colour’. Conditions that may benefit include fever, congestion, earache and nose bleeds.
Kali mur: A deficiency results in thick, white discharges catarrh, earache, stuffy head colds, crackling in the ears, sore throats and mouth ulcers. Digestive disturbances, especially from eating fatty or rich food.
Kali phos: Useful for treatment of “nervous” conditions such as headaches, dyspepsia, insomnia, sadness and lowered vitality. Traditionally used as a nerve tonic. Supports and nourishes the nervous system during times of stress, study and over work.
Mag phos: Affinity for nervous system and a deficiency can result in cramps and spasmodic pains.  Relieves muscular twitches, hiccups, cramps and sharp twinges of pain.  Neuralgic pains, abdominal colic and menstrual cramps.
Nat mur: Balances fluid levels; so excessive moisture or dryness anywhere in the body. For example, colds with water discharge and sneezing, dry, itchy skin in the creases of a joint, PMS, menstrual symptoms and dryness of vagina at menopause often accompanied by feelings of sadness, resentment, irritability and a desire to be alone.
Silica: Indicated in conditions where there is a history of poor assimilation of nutrients.  Symptoms associated with frequent colds and earache, boils, abscesses, splinters, fragile skin when every little injury suppurates, weak nails with white spots.

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