Xmas Over Indulgence in Animals

Christmas over indulgence remedies are similar to those for humans with Nux vomica at the top for vomiting or constipation due to eating rich leftovers or raiding the pantry. Phosphorous is often indicated when the animal vomits soon after eating, but is generally bright, has no lack of appetite, and often happily consumes the vomit again, a symptom not often seen in humans! A spot of blood in the vomit also can indicate Phosphorous. Vomiting can be treated at home when the animal is keeping water down and is better in 24 hours; otherwise a trip to the vet is needed.

Arsenicum is the most common remedy for diarrhoea. Nux vomica is often indicated when there is straining to defecate and discomfort and Bryonia when the animal is not straining, but has been noticed to not have gone recently and is maybe off its food a bit. A pinch of psyllium to each meal is a great way to prevent constipation. If no results in three days, then an enema at the vet may be needed.

The animals in your family can be as sensitive to the emotional issues that can arise as everyone else and remedies such as Ignatia, Phosphorus, Sepia and Pulsatilla can be a great help if indicated.

Written in conjunction with Dr Clare Middle who runs a natural therapies only veterinary practice in Balingup. Ph: 0405 009 804www.claremiddle.com

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