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The summer months can see an increase in the incidence of grass seeds causing problems for animals. These seeds, usually spiky and arrow shaped can lodge in the ears, nose, eyes or throat or get trapped in the fur and penetrate often through the web of the animal’s foot. Here they puncture the skin and migrate into deeper tissues – even occasionally reappearing as an infection further up the leg. Often it is necessary to visit the vet to have these seeds removed especially in delicate areas such as deep within the ears or inside nostrils etc. 
Symptoms often include sudden and intense irritation of the affected area. The animal is often agitated, restless and in obvious pain. They are especially averse to touch and tend to rub or scratch at the area or shake their head. Silica is the most commonly indicated remedy due to its reputation of encouraging the body to expel foreign objects. However any of these remedies can be used if they fit the picture. Consider Aconite if the animal is shocked and very distressed. Chamomilla in very restless unsettled animals where the slightest touch causes pain. Hepar sulph if there is infection, with or without a discharge.

Then apply a magnoplasm (available from a pharmacy) and give Silica 6c, repeating as needed until the problem resolves. The remedy can be quite slow to act so in many cases it can need repeating twice daily for a week or two before the foreign body is expelled. Once the wound has stopped draining pus or fluid and starts to heal no further treatment is needed.

Written in conjunction with Dr Clare Middle who runs a natural therapies only veterinary practice in Balingup. Ph: 0405 009 804,

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