Animals – New Baby in the House

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New Baby in the House  
21st century furry friends can be just as indulged as our kids and are used to receiving a lot of attention. It can be quite shocking to suddenly find that their humans are distracted, exhausted or simply smitten with another.

It’s wise to plan ahead and implement some training well before the baby arrives. If you’re not sure where to start and require assistance or for a behavioural problem contact Sarah at for information and advice.

Pulsatilla is great for helping animals to share the ‘mother’s’ attention. These pets are usually quite sweet and love the baby but can be manipulative, clingy and demanding. The remedy helps them to develop independence. Other remedies such as Lachesis may be needed if the animal is very jealous, spiteful and lashes out. Nat mur for animals who feel their personal space has been invaded and tend to wander off and keep to themselves, especially cats. They can seem quite sad, resentful and hurt. If the animal seems offended, angry and hurt consider Staphysagria. Phosphorus for the ones who are generally friendly when all is normal, but get scared by the newcomer and hide under tables, chairs or in cupboards.

Written in conjunction with Dr Clare Middle who runs a natural therapies only veterinary practice in Balingup. Ph: 0405 009 804,

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