A fever is usually an indication of increased activity on the part of the immune system, most likely in response to infection and is a good sign showing that there is an ability to react. The action of the homoeopathic remedy is not to kill the bacteria directly but rather to stimulate the immune system to do the healing.

If fevers recur despite your best home prescribing efforts the body may be struggling to manage rapid growth or is overloaded and working hard to eliminate waste. This is where a dose of the person’s constitutional remedy may help to restore balance on a deeper level.

The following information may be helpful and relates to homoeopathic remedy pictures and information available in traditional homoeopathic texts. Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using any homoeopathic remedy. Always read the product label. If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner promptly.

Consider the following remedies for acute fever states according to the symptom pictures given.

Aconite:  Symptoms come on suddenly usually during the night and often as a result of being in a chill wind or after a fright. The skin is dry and burning. Intensely thirsty, restless and agitated with a fear of death.

Apis: Fever symptoms with frequent chills, lethargy and possible delirium, worse from any form of heat. Thirstless and the skin alternates between dry and moist, but there are no heavy sweats. There may be patches of rosy swelling with burning and stinging pains.

Arnica: There is great weakness with oversensitivity to any touch and a sore, lame, bruised feeling; even the bed feels too hard. Fevers after an injury or shock. Feels better when lying down with the head low.

Arsenicum: For fevers accompanied by excessive restlessness, agitation and anguish; with rapid onset of exhaustion. Can be alternately hot and cold and desires warmth despite the burning pains. Thirsty for frequent small sips. Worse after midnight.

Belladonna: Sudden onset of high temperature with skin burning hot, red face and bounding pulse. Thirst may be variable, with severe chills, general sweats and possibly hallucinations.

Bryonia: Shivery, sweating and thirsty for large amounts of cold water. The face is dusky red, tongue coated white, with a severe headache, and painful cough. Any movement aggravates the pain.

Chamomilla: The fever often accompanies teething or ear pain. The child is cranky, irritable and can’t be pleased, arching back in frustration. One cheek is hot and the other cool. Often worse at 9pm.

Ferrum phos: Face is alternately red and flushed or pale, with profuse sweating despite feeling shivery. Often presents with a throbbing headache that is better for cold applications. Tongue is red and shiny.

GelsemiumIndicated by an absence of  thirst,  chills  up and down the spine, and head feeling hot and full. Often with trembling and a great heaviness of the eyes and limbs. Symptoms are worse from movement, light or noise.

Ipecac: A short chill accompanied by thirst and followed by heat all over except in the extremities, which are icy cold and covered with clammy sweat. There is constant nausea unrelieved by vomiting, which causes great exhaustion; tongue is clean.

Mercurius: Fever often brought on by changing weather. Presents as creeping chills alternating with burning heat, and profuse offensive sweats. The breath is foul and tongue appears flabby, pale, indented by teeth and coated yellow. There is an extreme thirst, despite the moist mouth; symptoms are worse at night.

Phosphorus: Fevers and chills alternating with a thirst for cold drinks and hunger during the chills. Sweats at night or in the early hours especially on the head, hands and feet, with chest involvement. Possible delirium, with exhaustion and apathy.

Rhus tox: Fever with great weakness and exhaustion, but nevertheless restless in the extreme with tossing and turning. Mental confusion, with tongue thickly coated, but red at tip, and great thirst.

Repetition of the indicated remedy depends on the person’s own vitality and the intensity of symptoms. Usually you would start with frequent repetition reducing as improvement is noticeable. If after 3 or 4 doses there is no change then review the symptoms and look for a ‘more similar’ remedy.

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