Heat Exhaustion

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When subject to a hot environment, the body loses heat by diverting blood to the skin and by sweating. Profuse sweating may lead to an excessive loss of fluids and salts, resulting in heat exhaustion. If exposure to heat continues, the body’s normal cooling mechanism breaks down and the body temperature rises further, resulting in a heat stroke.
Symptoms of heat exhaustion include confusion, muscle cramps, headaches, weakness and dizziness with pale, moist skin and rapid pulse. Sit the person upright in the shade, hydrate with cool fluids with added electrolytes and give Carbo veg every 15 minutes. If heat stroke is suspected, he or she should be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible, meanwhile use Belladonna and Carbo veg every 10-15 minutes.

Aconite: Faint and dizzy with headache after prolonged, direct exposure to the sun. Individual may say he feels like he is dying, be anxious and restless.
Belladonna: Agonizing, sudden, shooting headache with throbbing making the individual scream in pain. Bright red face, dilated pupils, glassy-eyed, fixed stare with no expression, no thirst but has a dry mouth.
Bryonia: Severe headache made worse by the slightest motion. The individual is extremely thirsty for large amounts of cold water.
Carbo veg: Collapse from excess heat with pallor and clamminess of the skin and stomach complaints. The individual wants to be fanned and needs to feel moving air.
Glonoinum: First remedy for sun stroke. Agonizing congestive headache after exposure to sun and heat. Hot face and cold extremities, irritability and confusion. Pounding pain, compare to Belladonna.
Gelsemium: Drowsiness, headache in back of head, no thirst, weakness, comatose and useful for sun stroke.
Lachesis: Headaches from sun exposure especially if they are worse on the left side. Individual feels worse after waking from sleep, feels faint and dizzy.
Natrum carb: Debilitated as a result of heat exposure. Is chronically affected by heat and sun stroke. Headache is worse from the slightest mental effort.
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