Homoeopathy for Sore Throats

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If you feel a sore throat coming on homoeopathic remedies can work brilliantly to stimulate the immune system. They can stop a sore throat in its tracks or at least reduce the severity and duration of symptoms.

For best result act immediately with a dose of Ferrum phos and Aconite at the first sign of a sore throat, or when just feeling ‘off colour’. Also, intermittent doses of Anas barb in cooler months to improve resistance.

If a sore throat does take hold consider:
Belladonna often right sided; throat is red and shiny with pain on swallowing, face is flushed with dilated pupils.
Apis for a sore, swollen throat, with burning, stinging pains that may travel up the ears.
Hepar sulph when the throat has white pits of pus and stitching, splinter-like pains on swallowing.
Arsenicum for a dry, burning throat that is better from warm drinks, yet aggravated by cold drinks.
Mercurius throat is red, raw and burning with excess saliva and foul breath.

Fact Sheets: Download and print our Sore Throat Fact Sheet or refer to the Owen book or eBook Homoeopathy for the Home Prescriber page 113, to select remedies for specific ailments.

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