Homoeopathy and Fears

As people react in different ways to stress, homoeopathic remedies with their varied symptom pictures can be a great help to get through an acute bout of ­fear and anxiety. Here are a few of the remedies that are often used to help people with their fears:

Aconite: For acute situations when sudden fears overtake us rapidly. Sudden fear and anxiety with agitation, restlessness, flushed face. There may be palpitations and shortness of breath. Intense fear of impending death, aeroplanes, earthquakes, crowds, bad news, ghosts etc.

Argent nit: Fearfulness and anxiety about many things especially bridges, crowds, closed spaces, heights, flying, public appearances and personal health. Anticipatory anxiety with trepidation, great hurry, incessant speech, suggestibility and impulsiveness. Usually very cheerful, chatty, extroverted and open. Much wind and diarrhoea from anticipation.

Arsenicum album: Pacing to and fro, fretting over what may or may not happen, anguishing over their health and that of family members and needing company. Controlling, fastidious and critical, particularly when unwell. Worries about robbers, insanity, or security and especially about money matters and of being alone.

Calc carb: Many fears such as of the dark, spiders, dogs, heights, ghosts and monsters especially in children who are very stubborn, cautious and wary of change and new experiences. Can become fearful and anxious when things are left undone or not going according to plan.

Gelsemium: Fear and dread when anticipating a performance or event. Silent, motionless, cowardly, trembling and weak, may have diarrhoea. Worse from anticipation, bad news, or excitement. Feels heavy, drowsy and indifferent.

Lycopodium: Any new challenge creates fear and anxiety due to a severe lack of confidence and fear of failure. They may have an emotional swagger and bravado but are easily intimidated by anyone considered more powerful. Stage fright, fear of public speaking, people, or the responsibility of commitment. Terrified of public speaking but does well once started.

Phosphorus:  These are friendly, good-natured, extroverted, excitable people. They complain of many fears, especially of the dark, thunderstorms, loud noises, insects, their family’s well-being and an ominous, unknown something that will “get” them.  All complaints are better from company and consolation.

Silica: Lack self-confidence and fearful of new undertakings, especially speaking in public, indecisive and overwhelmed. Yielding, yet obstinate. There can be a fear of pins, needles and other sharp objects.

Stramonium: Night terrors, may include shrieking or screaming out in sleep. Intense fear of the dark, they must have a light on at night. There can be a fear of water, dogs, mirrors and reflecting surfaces. There may be violent behaviour.

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Repetition of doses: As a general rule you should reduce the doses of a remedy as it starts to act and not continue once the situation has resolved.

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