Mouth Ulcers

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Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers usually indicate a weakened vitality and tend to manifest when resistance is low after times of stress, illness, antibiotics or oral corticosteroids. You can consider Mercurius which is commonly indicated or one of the following remedies: 

Arsenicum: White or bluish ulcers on the inner cheek or tongue. Sore and burning. 
Kali bic: Ulcers with a yellow or yellow-green base.
Kali mur: White membrane over the ulcer, often a thick white discharge, white coated tongue.
Mercurius: Shallow burning ulcers, foul breath, increased saliva, tongue large and imprinted by the teeth.
Nat mur: Lips chapped and dry, crack middle of the lower lip, thrush, ulcers and cold sores.
Rhus tox: Cold sores and ulceration on the corners of the lips.
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