Performance Anxiety

It’s quite normal to suffer a degree of low confidence and anxiety when we are faced with new and challenging experiences such as public speaking or performing before an audience. Homoeopathy can be a great help at these times especially if the remedies are started early, as soon as the stress is identified.
Aconite: For acute anxiety, panic, agitation and restlessness, which may come on suddenly before an event like giving a presentation or any other nerve wracking situation.Argent nit: Nervous due to worry and low confidence about coming events, especially appearing before an audience. Apprehension and anticipatory anxiety with trepidation, great hurry, incessant speech, suggestibility and impulsiveness along with a multitude of ‘what if’ thoughts. Craves sweets and suffers much wind and diarrhoea from anticipation.

Gelsemium: A great remedy for shyness and anticipatory anxiety; when people don’t have the confidence that they can cope and anticipate even simple things with fear and dread. They become weary, apathetic, withdrawn, preoccupied and can’t think from the stress of anticipating an event. May suffer from headaches with drowsiness, trembling, weakness, heavy droopy eyes, frequent, painless diarrhoea, flu symptoms and restless, fitful sleep.

Kali phos:  Mental and physical overwhelm or despair from excitement or worry. This is an excellent nerve tonic to use along with other indicated remedies during times of change and stress such as exams and performance. Include other remedies as indicated.

Lycopodium: Low self esteem with a lack of courage and confidence that can be covered up by bravado or over talking. Terrified of public speaking but does well once started. They suffer many fears and dread responsibility, commitment and taking on new things, though they work hard and do well in spite of their nerves. Irritable, tension stemming from insecurity, overwhelm, apprehension and a fear of failure. They are usually compliant at school or in challenging situations but may be bossy, irritable and sarcastic at home where they feel secure and confident. Digestive uneasiness including ‘butterflies’ in stomach, diarrhoea or very loose stools, lots of wind. Like Argent nit they crave sweets and suffer wind and digestive problems from anxiety.

Spring is upon us and so are Hayfever symptoms for many people. The Owen Hayfever complex is enormously popular for acute relief of symptoms. It’s especially useful for people who can’t identify a simplex remedy to suit them and contains remedies such as Allium 6c, Sabadilla 6c, Euphrasia 6c, Pollens 12c and Tissue Salts.

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