Sinus Congestion

As we head into mid winter, recurrent colds and sniffles can often develop into painful sinus congestion. Homoeopathy can be great if you are suffering the effects of sinus congestion that’s common during the last stage of a cold.

Consider Belladonna for sudden onset of throbbing pain with heat and fever. Ferrum phos a tissue salt for the first stage if fever, inflammation and sinus pain. On its own or in conjunction with one of the remedies listed. Hepar sulph when the nose is blocked with thick yellow mucous and symptoms are worse when out in cold air. Kali bic has heaviness and severe sinus headache; the discharge is yellow green, thick, ropy and stringy or there is so much congestion that there is no discharge. Pulsatilla for changeable symptoms that are better in the open air, thick yellow green mucous. Silica for chronic sinusitis with offensive discharge and possibly a headache over the right eye and ulceration in the nose. Symptoms worse from exposure to cold air.

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Repetition of doses: As a general rule you should reduce the frequency of doses of a remedy as it starts to act and not continue once the situation has resolved.

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