Traveller’s Tummy and Homoeopathy

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Being prepared with a travel kit that includes remedies to help us adjust to changes in food, water etc. makes all the difference for a speedy recovery from traveller’s tummy symptoms.

The most important remedy is Arsenicum and I generally take a 6c dose daily starting a few days before travelling and find that it helps me adjust to the changes; physical, emotional and psychic. This maintenance dose seems to reduce the incidence of digestive upsets while travelling; however sometimes we eat something that is just not right. Increase the frequency of the dose for vomiting and diarrhoea with burning pains that are better from warmth; restless, exhausted, chilly and very thirsty for sips of room temperature water.  Or consider one of the remedies below:

Carbo veg:  The upper abdomen is bloated, tight and tense, with constant belching and wind. Close to collapse and feeling weak and clammy, craving fresh air or fanning.

China:  Indigestion, colic, bloating and distention with much flatus, rumbling and wind.  Painless diarrhoea, especially after fruit. Weakness, debility and exhaustion after loss of fluids from diarrhoea and/or vomiting – take for several days to minimise relapse.

Colocynthis: Agonising cutting & cramping pain that comes on suddenly and make you twist about or double up and want to apply hard pressure. The pain comes on in sudden, intense waves that are pinching, clamping, gnawing or clutching in nature and can make them nauseous and vomit or faint.

Giardia nosode: This remedy can be used for suspected infection by the protozoan parasite. Very useful with the indicated remedy for persistent watery diarrhoea or griping tummy pains especially if there are relapses and recurring symptoms.

Ipecac: Is indicated for nausea that is not relieved by vomiting. Also for asthmatic cough with nausea, and diarrhoea that occurs in spasms and is offensive, yellow-green and frothy.

Mercurius: Diarrhoea that is worse at night with great straining and ‘never done’ sensation. Sour smelling or offensive, and never feels finished.  

Nux vomica: Cramping pains that come on 2-3 hours after eating. Worse from over-indulgence in rich or spicy food or too much alcohol. Also for nausea, heartburn, constipation, and a heavy bloated feeling.

Pulsatilla: Gas and rumbling; worse after rich foods, ice cream, butter and fats all of which they love. There may be a bitter taste, nausea and possibly vomiting. Stools are changeable.

Veratrum album: Diarrhoea and vomiting with severe cramping pain and tremendous weakness after the diarrhoea. Profuse sweating and chills, exhaustion and dehydration. Crave ice-cold drinks.   If the situation is severe you could take a dose of the indicated remedy every 10-15 minutes then spread out to hourly, two hourly and four hourly as improvement is seen. If there is no reaction after three doses, the remedy is probably not correct and another remedy should be considered.

Seek medical attention if violent symptoms continue, particularly in young children, especially if they are becoming dehydrated and weak.  

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