Cold Sores

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Cold sores are most usually triggered by stress, fatigue, hormonal changes, emotional trauma or sun exposure along with a generally weakened immune system. Use the indicated remedy at the very first hint of symptoms to stimulate the vitality.

If cold sores are chronic, recurrent or severe despite using the indicated remedies seek professional homoeopathic advise to choose a deep acting remedy that addresses the underlying weakness.

Possible remedies include: Cantharis for cold sores with an intense burning sensation, the blisters are large and tend to bleed easily.  Hepar sulph for cold sores that develop pus, are slow to heal and very sensitive to touch. Worse cold and cold air.  Nat mur is suggested for watery, pearl-like blisters appearing on the lips especially after exposure to sun, fever or emotional upset. The blisters tingle and burn. Emotionally sad and sensitive.  Rhus tox is suggested for cold sore blisters that tingle, itch and sting, often with ulcers at the corner of the mouth.  The person feels restless, with increased thirst and dry mouth. Sepia if cold sores appear around the menses. The lesions may be crusty and scabby and around or inside the nose. Tired, foggy and irritable.

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Repetition of doses: As a general rule you should reduce the frequency of doses of a remedy as it starts to act and not continue once the situation has resolved.

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