Australia’s beautiful summer weather is ideal for holidays and camping trips. Essential to my holiday packing is a well-stocked travel kit to ensure a trouble free experience. Don’t forget to check the website and see if there’s a stockist near your holiday spot.

We suggest that you select the contents for your holiday kit with all contingencies in mind from simple minor ailments to covering an unexpected accident or health crisis.

The following information may be helpful and relates to homoeopathic remedy pictures and information available in traditional homoeopathic texts. Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using any homoeopathic remedy. Always read the product label. If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner promptly.

Accidents and injuries: The absolute champion of remedies in the event of accidents is Arnica. Taken at the first opportunity it has a tradition of minimising damage after accidents and injuries. Hypericum is valuable for nerve damage; such as jammed fingers, crush injuries, scratches and wounds. Aconite reduces shock, e.g. when witnessing a trauma.

Bite and stings:  The Aussie country side is alive with mozzies, sand flies and other biting insects. Pack your Ledum, Hypericum and Apis and some hypericum cream or try our very own Bite ‘n Sting balm which works well for sand fly bites. If you are very prone to insect bites then one dose per day of Ledum 6c is understood to have a preventive action.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke: Symptoms include confusion, muscle cramps, headaches, weakness and dizziness with pale, moist skin and rapid pulse. Sit upright in the shade, hydrate and give Carbo veg and Rescue Remedy regularly. Seek help if the person doesn’t respond rapidly. Heat stroke is more severe and requires rapid cooling and medical attention. Meanwhile use Belladonna and Carbo veg frequently.

Sun headaches: Belladonna suits a throbbing headache after too much sun. With Gelsemium the pain is less violent and the person is lethargic.

Sunburn:  Belladonna and Cantharis suit the initial stage of sunburn with typical symptoms along with homoeopathic burn cream and Rescue Remedy spray. Vitamins E, C and Zinc aid skin repair.

Travel sickness: If you suffer the unpleasant symptoms of car, boat or travel sickness start with a few doses of your chosen remedy before the trip. Nux vomica suffers gagging, retching and headache with queasiness. Cocculus feels giddy, nauseous and wants to lie down and Ipecac for simple nausea with excessive saliva are usually helpful or you may need Petroleum or Tabacum.

Tummy upsets:  Dietary and environmental changes can result in imbalance and tummy symptoms. Arsenicum is the favourite for adjusting to change and ailments from dodgy food or water. Aconite when upsets come on suddenly especially after being chilled. After overindulgence try Nux vomica, Pulsatilla after rich, creamy foods, for nausea Ipecac and if there are severe cramps with doubling up consider Colocynthis.

Travel with tots:  A camping holiday with very small children can be quite a challenge, especially when preceded by a long car journey. As well as remedies already mentioned add Belladonna, Chamomilla and Pulsatilla for ear pain and fevers. Emotional upsets are covered by Ignatia or Pulsatilla, fear by Aconite or Phosphorus and irritability that can’t be soothed, Chamomilla.

Other additions:  include Burn and Hyperica creams for topical application to cuts, scratches, burns etc; Calendula tincture for washing out wounds; Peppermint oil for nausea and blended with Lavender to relieve headaches as it calms and soothes, Lavender oil is also useful for sunburn; Tea Treeoil as anantiseptic; Rescue Remedy for shock or trauma, try the spray which is so useful for treating burns and wounds.

And don’t forget your Home Prescribing book,the traveller’s friend, packed with info for happy holidays.

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