The health and lifestyle problems experienced by men are often overlooked, they are much more likely to suffer in silence, rather than visit their health practitioner. This Factsheet has been written to help address some of the many issues facing men.

Along with the following remedy suggestions a healthy diet and lifestyle with regular exercise are vital in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

The following information may be helpful and relates to homoeopathic remedy pictures and information available in traditional homoeopathic texts. Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using any homoeopathic remedy. Always read the product label. If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner promptly.

Emotional Stress:  Often men have trouble appreciating the level of emotional strain they are under. These remedies can help support the nervous system. Restless, anxious and fussy. They may be angry and quick to blame others. This stems from underlying, terrifying anxiety – Arsenicum. Emotional stress, grief, homesickness, guilt and mental strain with sighing – Ignatia. Extremely critical, impatient and quick to flare up, often associated with over-work – Nux vomica. Fed up, worn down and disinterested in the family. May be sarcastic and irritable – Sepia.

Gout & an Over Acid System:  This can be the result of a sedentary lifestyle with overindulgence in rich food and alcohol. Increasing alkalising food along with exercise can help. Affected parts bruised and sore – Arnica. Acute attacks with inflammation and pain – Ferrum phos. Affected parts are purple and puffy, particularly in small joints – Ledum. Swollen red joints and pains that move from joint to joint – Pulsatilla. Also consider: Colchicum, Benzoic acid, Lycopodium, Nat sulph, Nat phos.

Haemorrhoids:  Bathe the area with Hamamelis tincture or cream. Inflamed and bleeding – Ferrum phos. Pain and itching with irritability and constipation. Stitching pain that radiates up the spine after stool, very sensitive to touch and bleed easily – Nux vomica. Burning rawness and itching, worse from constipation, bathing and at night from the warmth of the bed – Sulphur.

Also consider: Aesculus, Aloe, Hamamelis, Nitric acid, Kali carb, Paeonia, Mur acid.

Indigestion and Heartburn:  Digestive symptoms after too much rich food or alcohol, worse from lack of sleep and stress – Nux vomica. Burning stomach pains worse 12-3am, better from heat and sipping warm drinks – Arsenicum. Indigestion from too much fatty food, craves acids which disagree – Pulsatilla. Extreme belching from too much sweet food, craves cheese – Argent nit. Heaviness & excessive gas, better from burping – Carbo veg. Bloating, rumbling, gurgling that is not relieved by belching. Heartburn after only a little food – Lycopodium.

Insomnia:  This is often the result of an altered body clock from travel or shift work, worry and stress, an overactive mind or unhealthy dietary habits. Anxious and restless, worse around midnight, can’t relax – Arsenicum. Insomnia after grief, disappointment or emotional shock – Ignatia. Overworked, irritable and sleepless, worse in the morning on waking – Nux vomica. Catnaps and is drowsy by day, sleepless at night – Sulphur. Add Kali phos when sleepless from excitement, mental strain or overwork.

Overwork and Burnout: Overwork or too much emotional pressure can often bring people to the point of complete exhaustion, often known as nervous exhaustion or nervous breakdown. Kali phos has a nourishing and tonic effect on the nervous system and can be taken twice daily when under stress. Extremely critical, impatient and quick to flare up when overworked – Nux Vomica. Headache and exhaustion from overwork with difficulty concentrating – Silica.

Performance anxiety:  Anticipatory anxiety often responds well to one of the following remedies. Anxious, restless and meticulously tidy – Arsenicum. Nervous, agitated, restless and talkative – Arg nit. Dread that makes you shut down and lethargic – Gelsemium. Irritable, tension stemming from insecurity and apprehension and a fear of failure – Lycopodium.

Reproductive Health: Homoeopathy can be very helpful for urinary, prostate and sexual problems. The best results are usually achieved by consulting a homoeopath however home prescribing can also yield an excellent result. Consider remedies such as Conium, Ignatia, Lycopodium, Nux vomica, Thuja.

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