The following suggestions may help women deal with common symptoms and difficulties experienced during pregnancy. It is not suggested that homoeopathy take the place of medical care, rather that it allows you to deal with problems that may otherwise go untreated and cause distress and discomfort. Please contact your homoeopath, midwife or medical professional if you need advice or are unable to resolve a problem.

The following information may be helpful and relates to homoeopathic remedy pictures and information available in traditional homoeopathic texts. Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using any homoeopathic remedy. Always read the product label. If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner promptly.

Anticipatory Anxiety: Medical tests, if needed, often cause anxiety or trauma. Take a friend or partner with you for support and ask them to write any information down for you. For anxiety Argent nit, Gelsemium or Aconite. Arnica and Rescue Remedy may be helpful after traumatic procedures. Aconite if you feel shocked.

Diet & Nutrition: Your requirements for folate, vitamins B and C, calcium, zinc and magnesium can rise by 30-100% during pregnancy. Consult a nutritionist or naturopath if you need help assessing the quality of your dietary intake. Hormonal changes can affect the gum tissue and attention to dental health and hygiene is important. Bleeding gums – Mercurius or Phosphorus. Preferably have a dental check-up before conceiving.

Exercise & Relaxation: Exercise increases stamina, strength and flexibility. Maintaining a gentle, regular exercise program, incorporating exercises to strengthen the back and pelvic floor facilitates the birth process and recovery. It is equally important to make time for relaxation, massage, meditation and rest.

Haemorrhoids & Constipation: Careful attention to and adjustment of the diet along with tissue salt combination that includes Calc phos, Calc fluor, Kali phos and Nat mur can improve elasticity and tone. For haemorrhoids Pulsatilla, Sulphur, Kali carb or Lachesis may be useful. Witchhazel applied to a nap- kin and held in place as a compress may ease the pain. Constipation is uncomfortable and undesirable and may respond to Nux vomica, Alumina or Sepia. Iron supplements can exacerbate the problem, so consider alternatives.

Heartburn: Hormonal changes can relax the sphincter of the stomach and aggravate this problem. Heartburn after only a little food, worse cold food and drink and between 4-8pm – Lycopodium. Also consider Nux vomica, Nat phos or Pulsatilla. Try drinking Fennel Tea and using Ginger in cooking. Antacids may affect iron absorption.

Morning Sickness: For best results start treatment as soon as possible rather than letting it become chronic. Repeat Nat sulph 6x as frequently as needed. Copious vomiting with persistent nausea – Ipecac. Thirstless, excessive mucous – Pulsatilla. Heartburn, belching and heavy bloated feeling – Nux vomica. Colchicum, Arsenicum or Sepia if you cannot bear the sight or smell of food.

Skin Problems: Hormonal changes often affect the skin. Broken veins – Arnica. Pigmentation – short courses of Sepia. Pimples and spots – Sepia, Nat mur or Pulsatilla. Itchiness – Sulphur.

Sleeplessness: Sleepless with fear and excitement. Anxious, restless and worried – Aconite. Crowding of thoughts and ideas, or sleepless from joy – Coffea. From mental strain or over-indulgence in food, coffee etc. – Nux Vomica. After the birth this can be a result of a “hormonal high”, try Coffea or Kali phos. Use Nux vomica if there is irritability as well.

Stretch Marks: Some women have more elastic skin that stretches easily. If you are not so lucky take Vitamin E and tissue salts and use an essential oil blend with Frankincense, Lavender and Neroli in Wheatgerm to keep the skin supple. Prepare the vagina with a daily perennial massage using almond oil.

Tissue Salts: According to homoeopath John Damonte the following program can support and strengthen the pregnant woman and her growing baby. John suggests one dose of each salt per day to help promote the body’s own metabolism. Or you can purchase the combination online from us:

              (from The New Active Birth by Janet Balaskas)

Thrush: The acid/alkaline balance of the vagina may change during pregnancy resulting in thrush. Live yoghurt and a drop of tea tree oil applied locally can help. Reduce sugars and yeasty foods. Consider Sepia, Pulsatilla or Nat phos.

Loss of a Baby: The loss of a baby is devastating whether it is before birth, at birth or in infancy. Homoeopathics may help through this process but will not take the place of the support, counselling and care that the grieving process deserves. Consider Ignatia, the great grief remedy, for loss and disappointment, especially with sighing. Also Nat mur, Pulsatilla and Phos acid.

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