What can you use homoeopathy for in the sports arena? Well practically everything from heat exhaustion, dehydration, exposure to chill wind and weather to head injuries and bruises from falls and collisions, sprained ankles, bruised shins, pre game nerves, damaged teeth and swollen lips, broken bones and on and on.

The following information may be helpful and relates to homoeopathic remedy pictures and information available in traditional homoeopathic texts. Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using any homoeopathic remedy. Always read the product label. If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner promptly.

Every homoeopath and ardent fan carries at least Arnica in their pocket, purse, car and sports bag. It’s the mainstay accident and injury remedy. Depending upon the type of injury it is common to need more than one remedy, sometimes changing quite quickly, as the injury heals.

We recommend that you keep a remedy kit such as our Accidents & Injuries Kit or the 5 remedy or 7 remedy Sports Injury Kit in your sports bag. Teach your kids to use it for all injuries as immediate treatment reduces the damage and speeds healing.

The indicated remedy may be used in conjunction with medical attention if it is needed. For severe injuries continue your homoeopathic and any other natural remedies for several days after symptoms improve to ensure adequate healing. Echinacea, Tissue Salts, Herbal Creams or Tinctures and Vitamins A, C , E and Zinc support the healing process.

These remedies are most commonly needed;

Aconite: Shock, fear, fright and agitation are the clue. This also helps others such as a child’s parents to calm down. If there is fear and anxiety think Aconite. .

Arnica: First remedy for any physical trauma; shock, bruising, concussion, black eye, haemorrhage. Feels as if ‘sore and bruised’ and does not want to be touched. Often say they are fine and don’t seem to realise the degree of injury.

Belladonna; Very helpful for heatstroke, heat exhaustion and sunburn. Throbbing headaches and red face.

Bellis perennis: Injuries to tissues deep in the body where pain remains despite Arnica. Muscular soreness.

Bryonia: Broken bones, bruises and sprains. Sharp pain much worse for movement even breathing. Irritable and wants to keep very still. Often needed after Arnica to help reduce bruising and swelling.

Carbo veg: When the person passes out. Cold, clammy and needs fresh air and fanning.

Gelsemium: Pre game nerves, weak, trembling and maybe diarrhea. This makes them think they are ‘sickening for something’ and can’t play.

Hypericum: An excellent nerve remedy. Nerve damage including lacerations, crushed fingers or toes. Sharp shooting pains. Spinal damage.

Ledum: Black eye. Dark bruising, deep red and painful and needs ice yet feels cold. Puncture wounds, animal bites and insect bites.

Mag phos: Aches, radiating pains, spasms and cramps. Relief of general muscle weakness.

Rhus tox: Painful stiffness from sprains and overstrain or getting wet while hot. Must move, stretch and squirm and better from movement, heat and hot bathing. Worse after lying or sitting.

Ruta grav: Sprains and strains of knees, wrists and ankles. Injuries where bones are close to the surface, e.g. shin. Stiffness, pain and weakness in the joints. Wants to lie down and better from it.

Also available is the Homoeopathic Sports Injuries Kit. This kit contains Aconite 30c, Bryonia 6c, Rhus Tox 6c, Ruta Grav 6c, Arnica 30c, Hyperica 6c, Emergency drops 5x.

When sports injuries result in surgical intervention remember that Homoeopathics are ideally suited to assist recovery, repair of the physical damage and in resolving any residual shock. The Owen Home Prescribing booklet lists these remedies in detail.

Download, print or share Sports Injuries Factsheet or Accidents & Injuries Factsheet