Leaving home and separation from home and family can be very difficult for some people. Ignatia is the most commonly used remedy in this situation but there are several others that can also be considered.

Ignatia: Indicated in people who are agitated,overwhelmed, and upset; sometimes even to the point of “hysteria” (e.g., fainting or dramatic mood swings). They may have fevers, illness, headaches or other physical symptoms that can be traced back to a disappointment, ­separation, grief, shock, or trauma. Sighing and a feeling of disconnection.

Arnica: If the separation is shocking, upsetting and repeats over and over in the mind or feels like an emotional ‘blow’.

Aurum met: Sadness, melancholy and pining. Despondency and self reproach – believing they have done something wrong to cause this situation.

Belladonna: If the symptoms are sudden and volatile, coming and going suddenly. The person may have an urgent need to run away and escape.

Capsicum: Homesickness accompanied by sleeplessness and red cheeks (cold to the touch). Can’t concentrate and constantly complain that they want to go home. Obstinate and sullen.

Calc phos: Despite their love of travel these people can suffer with home-sickness, missing their loved ones when away from the home. They can suffer from grief and disappointment in love and their reaction can be one of jealousy and irritability.

Phosphoric acid: Prostrate with grief and hopelessness. They seem apathetic and unfocused with sluggish responses. Sad and resigned.

Pulsatilla: Lonely, forsaken and weepy. They cry easily and are better from consolation and company with a tendency to reach out for help and reassurance.

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