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With so many people doing shift work and often travelling, especially by air, to and from the workplace homoeopathy is a real boon. Nux vomica is the standout remedy for symptoms associated with changes in the body clock from time changes, shift work or long work hours. It is often indicated for the stress caused by over work; it covers ailments such as irritability and impatience, insomnia with a craving for stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, drugs and stimulating foods. Critical and quick to flare up. The digestive system is often upset and constipation is common. Cocculus with its jet lag like symptoms as a result of changes in sleep patterns especially if associated with worry, there may be a dizzy, empty hollow feeling. And add the nerve nutrient Kali phos for its nourishing and tonic effect to support the nervous system.

For many this kind of lifestyle also has an impact emotionally. Remedies that are commonly indicated are Ignatia for the grief and sadness associated if there is separation from family. Pulsatilla if feeling lonely and emotional. Nux vomica if, when with the family, they are irritable and cranky. And if they feel fed up, dragged down, disinterested in the family, want to be left alone and sometimes feel like running away from it all then suggest some Sepia, to help bring back the joy.

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