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Convalescence It’s important to allow the body and mind a reasonable amount of time to recover after a bout of illness or medical treatment. Homoeopathic remedies are excellent in assisting the body to recover after surgery, childbirth or a serious or debilitating illness. If recovery is slower than expected then the following remedies may be helpful. 

Arsenicum: can be difficult and critical of carers. Fussy and will tidy the room before visitors despite being too weak. Fear being alone and death. Useful when the vitality is low and these fears are evident. It can help the healing of leg ulcers  and other degenerative symptoms.

Arnica: often for several days after accidents, childbirth or surgery, this is the remedy for bruising and trauma. For feeling as if “bruised and beaten”. May complain that the bed feels too hard preventing sleep and comfort.

Calc phos: this tissue salt helps to rebuild, replenish and rejuvenate.

Carbo veg: weakness and debility after illness or surgery especially if there is much wind and eructations. Helps re-establish digestive function and appetite after illness, fasting or surgery. A tendency to feeling cold, collapsed, clammy and weak. Usually suggest twice daily for about a week.

China: should be considered if there is weakness after for instance surgery or the birthing process or from loss of body fluids due to haemorrhage, profuse sweating, diarrhoea or simply a very hungry baby.

Kali phos: a tissue salt to support and strengthen the nervous system during recovery.

Nux vomica: can help the body detox and clear the effects of medications. Irritable, impatient and may be constipated.

Sulphur: where a person has had a course of antibiotics Sulphur 2 x day usually suggested for a week can help restore balance.

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