Emotional Safety Net

We are all right now experiencing the most incredible times of change and for many emotional stress, loneliness, isolation and grief. This is the time when you can turn to Homeopathy which may provide you with excellent support. 

And don’t forget to take your immune support remedies (check here) and be quick to address symptoms.

Ignatia helps us to cope with all sorts of upheavals and losses in life. The suffering is from disappointment and loss; separation from friends and family and our work. This grief can express as very changeable and paradoxical symptoms; there may be bouts of crying, laughing, yawning, sighing and difficulty falling asleep. There can be a lump sensation in the throat, an empty hollow feeling and disturbances to the appetite, be it over eating or under eating.

Other remedies may be better indicated when we can’t cope with the emotional strain or are unable to cope with the stress, this includes issues from loss of work, losing contact with friends, or a disappointment in something that we have invested our energy. Consider 30c potencies for a deeper action however 6c is fine if the picture fits. 

Arsenicum: Anxious, fearful, restless and very fussy about security, health, order, neatness and especially about cleanliness.  

Aurum met: Responsible people who suffer silent grief, self-reproach, deep despair and a feeling of failure. Effects of business loss.  

Calc carb: For great fear of contagion with a need to withdraw and a sense that they don’t have the support that they need. Fear that something bad will happen.

Cocculus: When exhausted by worry and lack of sleep, nursing loved ones. There may be a dizzy, empty hollow feeling. 

Kali carb: Where there is a lot of worry about family even if they appear to treat them badly. A great emphasis on what is right and what is wrong. Fear of losing control. Strong sense of duty.

Kali phos: A tissue salt valuable for its tonic effect on the nervous system. It can be used regularly along with other remedies when the nervous system is under stress.

Nat mur: Grief with despair, resentment and a tendency to brood and dwell over the past. It can be the result of long term emotional strain or loss. They don’t like sympathy, company or crying in public.

Nux vomica: Extremely critical, impatient and quick to flare up, often associated with over-work. Sleep problems and a tendency to overindulge in stimulants such as alcohol and coffee. 

Phos acid: Indifferent, apathetic or physically weak with grief. Silent suffering and very slow to answer, they just want to be alone due to a lack of energy. The state can come on after the initial shock has passed and the long-term reality of loss has set in.

Phosphorus: Enthusiastic, open and spontaneous; they love friends and interaction and to be the life and soul of the party. They need company and reassurance, are sensitive to others and can overtax themselves with sympathy or become sad and exhausted by loss of friends and friendship.

Pulsatilla: Suits shy, clingy people who are better for sympathy and need constant support, company and comforting. Very weepy, often uncontrollably. 

Sepia: Fed up with having everyone at home, worn down and disinterested in the family. May be sarcastic and irritable. Just wants to run away. 

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Stay safe and look after yourself and your family.