The following suggestions may help women deal with common symptoms and difficulties experienced after delivery. It is not suggested that homoeopathy take the place of medical care, rather that it allows you to deal with problems that may otherwise go untreated and cause distress and discomfort.

Sometimes when we have awaited an event with such joy and anticipation it can be quite a shock and disappointment to contend with painful breasts and bottom, exhaustion, emotional ups and downs and a less than settled baby. Homoeopathy can help keep the sun shining on you and your babe.

The following information may be helpful and relates to homoeopathic remedy pictures and information available in traditional homoeopathic texts. Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using any homoeopathic remedy. Always read the product label. If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner promptly.

After Pains: Arnica usually minimises discomfort, you can take it regularly after the labour. Consider Aconite if there is characteristic anxiety and Mag phos for spasmodic cramping pain. Seek help if these are not adequate, especially if drugs were used.

Back Pain also see Birthing: The tissue salt combination that includes Calc phos, Calc fluor, Kali phos and Nat mur  taken regularly may help as do Sepia and Kali carb. A blend of Rosemary, Hypericum, Lavender and Arnica oils in the bath or as a massage is soothing.

Birth Trauma: Arnica as frequently as needed for a week or more may help disperse bruising following a difficult or traumatic delivery. It may be needed more frequently initially. If deep pain remains despite the use of Arnica consider Bellis Perennis. Add Hypericum or Calendula to help heal a tear or Staphysagria after episiotomy or caesarean section plus extra Vitamin E, Silica 6x and Calc fluor 6x to help promote healing.

Breast Feeding see the health topic and Factsheet for information and remedy suggestions.

Diet: Nutritional requirements are at a peak when recovering from childbirth, breast feeding and coping with broken and often inadequate sleep. The quality of the food you eat reflects in you and baby’s general emotional and physical health. Avoid sugars, additives, refined foods and stimulants and drink plenty of fluids. Foods such as dairy, wheat and sugars may upset your baby’s system.

Exhaustion: Make sure that you are your number one priority or you won’t have the energy required. Restrict visitors, get practical help with chores and emotional support from your partner or a friend. Take B Vitamins, extra Vitamin C and a tissue salt combination including Calc phos, Kali phos and Ferrum phos. Consider Cocculus, Nitric acid or Nux vomica for lack of sleep and nervous exhaustion. Weakness from loss of vital fluids, during delivery or from breastfeeding – China. Weakness, loss of weight and low energy – Silica. Burn oils such as Lavender, Geranium, Neroli and Orange or add them to the bath or a massage blend.

Disappointment and grief: If there is a feeling of disappointment after the birth consider the great grief remedy  Ignatia – disappointed ideals, especially with sighing. Also Nat mur, Pulsatilla and Phos acid.

Haemorrhoids and Constipation: Careful attention to and adjustment of the diet along with a tissue salt combination that includes Calc phos, Calc fluor, Kali phos and Nat mur can improve elasticity and tone. For haemorrhoids Pulsatilla, Sulphur, Kali carb or Lachesis may be useful. Witchhazel applied to a napkin and held in place as a compress may ease the pain. Constipation is uncomfortable and undesirable and may respond to Nux vomica, Alumina or Sepia.

Hair Loss: Eat well and regularly, include lots of mineral rich foods. Try Nat mur or Sepia and a tissue salt combination including Kali sulph, Nat mur and Silica. Plus Calc Phos (defective nutrition) or Kali Phos (nervous causes) if indicated.

Insomnia: Anxious, restless and worried – Aconite. Crowding of thoughts and ideas or sleepless from joy – Coffea. Sleepless from mental strain or over-indulgence in food, coffee etc. – Nux vomica. After the birth sleeplessness can also be as a result of a “hormonal high”, try Coffea or Kali phos. Use Nux vomica if there is irritability as well.

Low Libido: This is common and you often just need time and patience. Resolving problems such as painful episiotomy, backache, a colicky baby and exhaustion usually improves libido. The main remedies to consider are Causticum, Nat mur and Sepia.

Postnatal Blues: A feeling of weepiness or despair is common in the early days however expert care is necessary for depression or feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, mood swings or gloom which are not self limiting. Weepy, better from fresh air – Pulsatilla. Despair, guilt, disappointment and/or grief especially when things do not follow our ideals – Ignatia. If you cannot cry or cry on your own – Nat mur. Irritable and a desire to run away – Sepia. Irritable and anxious – Nux vomica.

Prolapse: Damaged or weakened ligaments and muscles may be helped with Calc fluor, Pulsatilla, Ruta grav or Sepia depending on the symptom picture.

Loss of a Baby: The loss of a baby is devastating whether it is before birth, at birth or in infancy. Homoeopathics may help through this process but will not take the place of the support, counseling and care that the grieving process deserves. Consider Ignatia, the great grief remedy, for loss and disappointment, especially with sighing. Also Nat mur, Pulsatilla and Phos acid.

Urinary Difficulties: Retention of urine after the birth is often caused by bruising and trauma. Aconite (with anxiety and panic) or Causticum will usually set things right. Otherwise Pulsatilla, Staphysagria or Arnica.

Incontinence can be a result of bruising and weakened pelvic floor muscles. Avoid constipation, exercise the pelvic floor muscles and urinate regularly. Don’t cut down on fluids or allow your bladder to be over full. Consider Arsenicum, Sepia, Nat mur or Causticum.

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