During the adolescent years the teenager is developing a strong drive to separate from the parents and family in preparation for independent living. As we know this can create enormous conflicts incorporating excitement, fear and sometimes aggression. As parents it can be quite a challenge to set aside our own reactivity and provide a safe and
loving environment for this development.

Homoeopathy may help families and support teenagers with the challenges faced as they transition from childhood into adulthood. Remember to consider the whole picture when choosing a remedy. For instance dietary cravings can be an important clue e.g. Calc phos and Nat mur crave salty, Lycopodium craves sweet, and Sulphur loves junk food.

Acne and Skin Problems
Taking care with diet, cleanliness and a simple skin care regime is essential. Sensitivity to makeup, soaps and skin products can develop or be a result of overuse. Belladonna has red inflamed spots and a red face. Hepar Sulph has many pustules. Try Pulsatilla for those who fit the general picture and have a fair complexion. Silica helps heal scarring. In very resistant cases consider Sulphur.

Emotional Problems
In difficult and complex situations a constitutional prescription or professional opinion is needed to attain balance. However for acute problems that arise there is much we can do with home remedies. Aconite, acute anxiety, great fear and dread. Argent nit, anticipatory anxiety with fear and trepidation. Talkative, hurried and impulsive and crave sugar. Arsenicum, extreme mental and physical restlessness, particularly at night. Anxiety in overly fastidious high
achievers. Bryonia, very grumpy, ill tempered and easily aggravated. Gelsemium, anticipates even simple things with fear, trembling and weakness. Weary, apathetic, withdrawn and preoccupied. Hepar sulph, ‘touchiness’ as a result of fussing. Ignatia, cannot get over the loss of a loved one. This can be to do with losing friends, broken relationships etc, disappointed in love. Lachesis, talkative and euphoric mood alternates with withdrawal and despair, jealousy,
irritability and explosive outbursts. Lycopodium, lack courage and confidence, but may be bossy, irritable and sarcastic at home. Terrified of public speaking and fear failure. Crave sweet and suffer wind and digestive problems from anxiety. Nux vomica, agitated, irritable and short tempered when under pressure. Addictive behaviour and depend on stimulants. Phosphorus, extreme sensitivity to others feelings with ‘free floating’ anxiety in outgoing, sociable types. Fear storms, ghosts, the unknown etc. Pulsatilla, clingy, changeable and weepy. They are sweet but can be manipulative and show jealousy towards siblings.

Growth & Calcium Metabolism
Problems can be associated with calcium metabolism and rapid growth and are aided by Calc Phos 6c and Mag Phos 6c taken regularly. On a mental level the imbalance and need for Calc phos may be recognisable as boredom and discontent, with a craving for salty food. Growing pains respond well to these remedies, as well as massage with Lavender and Rosemary and taking extra Zinc.

If the following remedies don’t help then seek constitutional care. Frequent headaches associated with rapid growth and fatigue, Calc phos. Strained and painful watering eyes, unable to bear bright light, Euphrasia. With humming in the ears, Kali phos. Hammering headaches preceded by misty vision or zig zag lights, Nat mur. Headaches from poor diet with digestive uneasiness, diarrhoea, wind, Lycopodium. In the acute phase consider Bryonia or Belladonna.

Hormone levels
Erratic hormone levels can result in a very unsettling feeling of instability and loss of control. Well-chosen remedies can be like a miracle in smoothing and regulating hormones. Weepy, despondent, changeable, cries at least thing, craves sympathy and attention, especially pre-menstrually, Pulsatilla. Whereas Sepia is moody, irritable, sarcastic and wants to be left alone as does Nat mur who is closed, sad, resentful and tends to retain fluid.

Study & Exam Stress
Stress and pressure at exam time can be managed by preparing a program well in advance to care for the mind, body and spirit. The following remedies may be indicated. Mentally exhausted after working hard for exams, Anacardium.
Difficult concentration in busy, nosey, jealous people, Apis. Anxious, nervous, talkative and impulsive, certain they will fail. Craves sweets. Flatulence, belching and diarrhoea with the anxiety, Argent Nit. Can’t cope with life, quiet and withdrawn with a fear of failure, Gelsemium. Brain fog and nervous exhaustion from excess mental effort, Kali phos. Irritability and sleep disturbances from over study, late nights and indulgence in stimulants, Nux vomica. Dread of having to make a mental effort. Headache and exhaustion from overwork, Silica.

Always read the label and follow directions for use.